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Why is radiation protection important?

In our life, we definitely need CT scans, x-rays and the MRI one or the other day. However, too much exposure to radiation can be extremely dangerous to your health. It is because of these reasons that there is such a high demand for radiation shielding in modern times.

Importance of radiation protection

There are numerous instances in everyday life where radiation shielding is important. From medical and defense to industrial sectors, there is an application for radiation shielding.
If an individual working near a source of radiation is not protected by radiation shielding then there is the potential to cause damage to the body. If an individual is regularly exposed to high levels of radiation they will have a significant increased likelihood of facing tumors and cancer. There is also the potential for problems such as radiation sickness and skin burns.

Radiation sickness is also referred to as radiation poisoning and is known to cause the following symptoms: Nausea and vomiting, Diarrhea, Weakness, fatigue, exhaustion, fainting, Dehydration, Inflammation of exposed areas (redness, tenderness, swelling, bleeding, Hair loss, Vomiting of blood etc.

Lead is the most common metal used for radiation shielding. Lead shielding offer advanced protection to guard specific body parts on the patient or technician during medical procedures. A wide range of radiation barriers are available in many different sizes and unique configurations to accommodate the specific protection needs of different radiation processes. The large radiation barriers are referred to as lead doors.

What radiation solution is right for you?

When sourcing a radiation shielding solution it’s important to seek expert advice with regards to what level of protection is required. Depending on the levels of radiation an environment is subjected, solution is suggested by experts, i.e. the depth of lead required, protective coatings and the options for shielded frames which will offer complete protection from radiation.

So, hire a company that produces lead shielding in order to give complete protection from gamma, neutron and x-rays. They can be manufactured to customer requirements that can suit any size and shape of structure.

Medi-Ray’s1 staff of engineers, in concert with numerous security, detection and scanning equipment companies, has developed the latest in shielding components. Medi-Ray’s lead components are utilized in a wide variety of security environments from port security to air-line baggage, mail and freight applications. Medi-RayTM has the shielding components you need: sheet lead and foils, adhesive backed and coated lead materials, custom components and lead stampings.

Medi-Ray: Medi-Ray is devoted to innovation in lead metal technology. Since 1974, Medi-Ray has been the largest supplier of radio-pharmaceutical shipping containers. Medi-Ray is manly known for shielding radioactive products, X-ray, PET, CT or MRI equipments. For any further enquiry or to get free quotes call at 877-898-3003 / 914-979-2740 or you can also e-mail atsales@mediray.com. Office is located at 150 Marbledale Road, Tuckahoe, New York 10707. Visit http://www.mediray.com/ for more information.

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